Scholarship Recipient Testimonials
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TSHP Research & Education Foundation

 Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

“As an active student member of TSHP, I was honored to receive a scholarship from the TSHP R&E Foundation. With the cost of education continuing to rise, any financial assistance provided through scholarships enabled me to concentrate less on the financial burden of education and focus on my professional development. By doing so, I feel I was able to become active not only in my student ASHP chapter, but within TSHP as well. I was eager after graduation to transition from the Student Section Executive Committee of TSHP to the New Practitioners Committee and continue my contribution to the development of the organization that had provided so many opportunities to me as a student. I am so thankful that TSHP invested in my education and development and look forward to paying this generosity forward.”

Jordan Burdine, PharmD, MBA

Clinical Practice Specialist—Pediatrics
Galveston, TX 

“With the funds provided by the TSHP R&E Foundation scholarship, I was able to spend more time advancing my pharmacy career. These funds allowed me to participate in leadership roles and travel to conferences. I am grateful to have had these experiences in pharmacy school since they have helped me professionally.”


Theresa Gerst, PharmD, BCGP, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacist
Katy, Texas

“The scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies and become more involved with my local and state chapter. I was already involved in UT-SSHP through school and also attended TSHP and ASHP meetings. In addition, I was able to serve in a leadership role on the student forum for ASHP my last two years (2005-2006).”


Rema Thyagarajan, PharmD, BCPS
System Clinical Director of Pharmacy
Dallas, TX

“Receiving those scholarships felt great! I did not have a job during school so I could focus on my studies and relied solely on student loans. The scholarship money went a long way in helping my financial situation during those four years. I felt grateful that the Foundation believed in me and the scholarships, along with my mentors who were actively involved in TSHP, compelled me to remain active in TSHP following graduation. TSHP has been instrumental in molding me into the practitioner I am today and I am lucky to remain involved in such an amazing organization with even better people.”


Brett Noteware, PharmD, MBA, BCPS
Applications Coordinator, Inpatient - Information Management
Tyler, TX

“When I received the TSHP R&E Foundation student scholarship, I was in my third year of pharmacy school working hard on the evenings and weekends at a retail pharmacy to help handle the cost of living expenses. The scholarship allowed me the ability to not have to work as much during that year. What the scholarship did for me in the short-term was a blessing because it meant I could work less. However, the real benefit of the scholarship continues to be felt. Receiving the scholarship engaged me more deeply with a group of people who would become my mentors and friends in the coming years, shaping my career and who I would become. Additionally, being part of this community has allowed me the opportunity to give back to other students who will in turn, become the leaders of the profession in the coming years. The TSHP Foundation scholarship fund has had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of others who have received the scholarship.”


Traci L. (Metting) Holton, PharmD, MBA, FASHP
Senior Director, Pharmacy and Medication Safety
Dallas, Texas

“TSHP R&E Foundation helped to support and foster my professional growth during pharmacy school. Supporting myself through pharmacy school, I was working 16+ hours each week while taking a full course load. There are days that I couldn’t focus to study for exams. With the scholarships, I was able to focus on my didactic and hone my skills to be a competent pharmacist. I am indebted to TSHP and TSHP R&E Foundation for my professional growth. I vow to pay it forward by continuing to be professionally involved and engaging with the next generations of pharmacists through mentorship.”


Phuoc Anh (Anne) Nguyen, PharmD, MS, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Practice Advancement
Houston, TX


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